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New movie

2008-03-22 23:30:48 by BottleCapClock

I am completely love this new movie I made. Check it out


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2008-03-23 01:51:45

You should get front page for this. :P


2008-03-23 02:08:29


BottleCapClock responds:



2008-03-23 11:30:29

BoMToons freakin' gave you a 10.

Now it's officially awesome!


2008-03-23 15:37:46

I agree with ibhenowflee u should get front page for this its very ausome

BottleCapClock responds:

you, you know what? No you are awesome. =)


2008-03-24 22:22:10

Aye, that submission's good. Best thing I've seen all week. A well-deserved Daily Feature if I've ever seen one. What, exactly, are the staff smoking, not frontpaging that one? And it will be a travesty if that doesn't get some weekly award, maybe Review Crew Pick, or else a Weekly First or Second.

I look forward to seeing more of your work, my good sir.


2008-03-25 15:39:22

Oh wait, looks like the admins did frontpage it. Congratulations!


2008-03-26 03:09:42

wow! i pimressed for that decoding, i had problems trying todecode it (lol)
and yea i agree with 1bhenowflle and birthflight1010 you should be on front oage AND you are great. not only great AWSOME and for that movie, im gonna add you to my list of favourite artists :)


2008-03-27 19:14:08

Oh fuck.

I've got around 250 or so flash in my favorites, and first time I heard this, I 1ed it right away! >:D


2008-03-27 19:14:54

And by 1ed, I mean put in my top movie spot, not gave it a one.


2008-03-29 23:21:41

Total genius. You should love it. It was just made really well, it was funny, and it made me like Clock Crew. (Yes, they have screwed me off a lot)

BottleCapClock responds:

I don't go by the clock crew anymore. I'm a loner.


2008-04-02 10:18:50

good job on the flash. I didn't even listen closely to the song before. Now i do just to annoy people by singing the words you wrote for it


2008-06-20 19:46:55

I love it too!