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Megaman Star Force

2007-09-06 16:43:59 by BottleCapClock

Megaman Star Force is out!!! Has Anyone got it. I have got dragon and it is awesome. I recomend it to anyone


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2007-09-06 17:37:59

I'm still saving up for it. Can't wait though.


2007-09-06 20:14:34

Yea i got it on first day its a really good game its fun too even after you beat it you got missons. though the ending isn't really what you'd think it be

BottleCapClock responds:

i know, i heard the ending was hard. It was so easy. I beat the game and restarted it though


2007-09-06 20:49:52

Yeah I kown it's awesome I got dragon to and I'm at like Lv.67 or something


2007-09-06 21:19:16



2007-09-06 21:19:55

Dragons backwards is Snogard.


2007-09-16 01:06:01

JonBro backwards is orBnoJ


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