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JonBro is not a thief.

2008-09-30 17:36:26 by BottleCapClock

PaperBat and DaVeB0T are, as seen here in this image and here in this movie.

The Mario face was decompiled from The Great Mushroom Chase. It isn't even traced. It's stolen.
The menu was decompiled from Power Star 4.5. The buttons, the effects, and even the fire are exactly the same in every way.

JonBro is only accused of being a thief by the same few people because they are jealous of his talent. They say he stole Egoraptor's face, but he gave credit to him--and Egoraptor even has a comment that says he doesn't care. They say he stole Daniel Sun's sprites, even though he clearly didn't, and Daniel Sun is actually enjoying his recent Power Star parody.

Thanks JonBro for this amazing find.

JonBro is not a thief.


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2008-09-30 17:38:49

There's too much love on Newgrounds. We need to get over it.


2008-09-30 17:39:26

MMMmmm! Smell like bullies to me!

Most of the users here are less-than-intelligent and, to be honest, it would be nice if some of them die soon. But what'ya gonna do?

However, the rest of the users are pretty cool so just try to ignore the bad apples and they'll soon go away.

Springer's Final Thought:

We all like the internet, right? It's full of magic and mystery and boobs but there are also nasty people who will annoy us.
It is best to ignore these people because giving them attention only fuels their moronic crusades.

Until next time...Take care of yourself...

...and each other!



2008-09-30 17:41:02

I'm-a chargin' mah lazah.


2008-09-30 17:42:27

im super jelous of jonbro, therefore he is a thief.


2008-09-30 17:43:05

People still give a shit about this?


2008-09-30 17:46:15

You know...because JonBro and D-Sun's flashes are so close doesn't really matter what these two "asinine-self-centered-belittling-uni ntelligent-malicious-maunderers" think.

From my are exactly right. But making a "slander-poster" simular to the one PaperBat made doesn't justify.

Slandering only makes you look just as bad.

People who are "smart" enough can see the truth for themselves...and no matter how many "slander-posters" or "PMs to Wade" about how JonBro is a theif and should be banned.

The Staff knows....D-Sun knows...and JonBro knows that "no-one-did-anything....wrong"

JonBro (though young) is probably one of the most tallented Flash Artists here on what if he likes to use Sprites...I happen to like sprite movies. He is also probably the most civil as his reaction to the "slander" is taken well..

And besides...the one who really holds the cards is the Newgrounds Staff...and since PaperBat, DaveBot, Khawner, and my opinion...are walking on thin ice....and jumping up and down like a couple of spastics.

I'm sure JonBro appreciates your statement...but No worry bra...

To those who support JonBro...he is already matter how many (or how few) the slanders may try.


2008-09-30 17:46:54

You know...because JonBro and D-Sun's flashes are so close doesn't really matter what these two "asinine-self-centered-belittling-uni ntelligent-malicious-maunderers" think.

When I say that...I'm refeering to PaperBatt and DaveBot


2008-09-30 17:53:49

paperbat is an idiot.


2008-09-30 17:57:35

Nope, we traced it down to the last pixel


2008-09-30 18:03:06

LOL, You guys need to fucking take a chill pill xD

JonBro knows we are joking around, do you see him getting all mad?


2008-09-30 18:07:18

Jesus Christ, stop making posts about this already. No one fucking cares.


2008-09-30 18:07:41

I am mad, Paperbat.

That's the reason it says "Thanks JonBro for this amazing find."


2008-09-30 18:17:27



2008-09-30 18:27:43

Really now.


2008-09-30 18:29:53

Really, paperbat, you're just an annoyance.


2008-09-30 18:38:02

holy shit shut uppppppppppppppppp


2008-09-30 18:39:57


BottleCapClock responds:



2008-09-30 18:40:57

Who givess one?

Just let people do what they want. I dont see you all screaming and shouting about musicians having there music stolen. But this jon fellow steals one drawing and suddenly the shit hits the fan.

I'm not trying to defend stealing becasue i know its wrong. But jesus calm the fuck down everyone.


2008-09-30 18:50:50



2008-09-30 18:53:32

I just rubbed my hands against my dick and balls, and boy, they smell like nasty ass.


2008-09-30 19:59:45

wow... it was obviously just a joke.
people on newgrounds take shit too seriously.


2008-09-30 20:36:06

wow paperbat, stop trying 2 pussy out of this by saying "o we were kidding!" cuz u just got fucking raped.


2008-09-30 20:39:06


A tiny joke movie that didn't even make it past a score of 2 has a STOLEN MENU.



2008-09-30 21:34:22

I hope you all die young and without reproducing first.


2008-09-30 22:58:05

That isn't stolen. The one on the right has a red tint.


2008-10-04 19:45:52

YOU are completely right. PaperBat used to be cool on the forums. (I'm martalarts50) BUt now he is just being a douche. He needs to get a life. Though I find this fun and interesting. I think we should make a war! WHO'S WITH ME!?


2008-10-07 17:19:07

Jonbro is a thief your just mad cause they finally proved it

BottleCapClock responds:

by STEALING his pictures?


2008-10-07 17:48:44

lolz, just, lulz


2008-11-28 23:31:05

Yoshio you're wrong.....
JonBro is an expert on Flash
stealing sprites would be something a retard like you would would do Yoshio


2012-03-11 11:09:58

everyone who thought jonbro was a thief is an ***hole >:0