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2008-08-31 15:36:22 by BottleCapClock

I am trying to start music. I was wondering what programs everyone used before I download anything. If possible would please post a link to the download page. I am trying Fruity Loops at the moment


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2008-08-31 15:59:17


BottleCapClock responds:

Good you're not stupid. It is just what you suggested didn't work out how I wanted.


2008-08-31 17:04:19

Oh thats okay


2008-08-31 20:22:38

Luity Froops is a fine program, though!


2008-09-01 11:49:03

I use garage band, it isn't that great. You can use pre- made loops in it to make new music. But if you wanna make your own music that you can say is your own, you have to music type. It's a bitch. I'm trying to find a new audio program too.