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2008-07-22 10:56:03 by BottleCapClock

Recently I have been wanting to get into music. I was wondering what programs everyone used before I download anything. If possible would please post a link to the download page. I heard that Reason 4 is good.



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2008-07-22 11:18:37

Don't ever use Fruity Loops, that program will only set you up for failure and the start of creating more techno garbage that sounds all the same, and that the audio portable is already filled up top it off. Reason 3.0+ is what you want to look for. The program is huge and extremely difficult but it pays off dearly at the end of the day.It's also huge and don't download it using LimeWire for the love of god, use a torrent. May take days and nights as it's 4GB+ big and another 4GB for each seperate piano, drum, etc package that you would like as an extra.


2008-07-22 11:19:34

And learn music first, don't make random shit that is out of scale and that isn't music at all really. We have enough of that in the portal.


2008-07-22 11:19:39

Audacity's a good way to start, and Finale Notepad is a good free midi program.


2008-07-22 12:03:50

Well a good program is Anvil Studio, it's pretty user friendly and has a lot of options.
It's a good way to start.


2008-07-22 12:11:21

I seem to be getting different options.... This Isn't gonna be easy.


2008-07-22 18:41:06

Choose my suggestions if you want to spend NOTHING.

BottleCapClock responds:

dUDE, I love that Finalie thing. Thaks a bunch!


2008-07-23 14:49:13

yay :)


2008-08-10 10:12:04

I must be a total weirdo, because Techno is one of the last things I want to use Fruity Loops for! o_o